Welcome to Apex, a powerful PHP software platform to efficiently develop, deploy, and maintain professional online operations. You will be amazed at the simplicity for the quality. Please take a few moments to browse the documentation below. You may also visit the homepage of Apex at [https://apexpl.io/].

Other Documentation

  1. Developer Training Guide
  2. Developer API Reference (php-documentor)
  3. User Manual

Table of Contents

  1. What is Apex?
  2. Contribute
  3. Installation
    1. Docker
    2. Auto-Install via YAML
  4. Getting Started
    1. The app Class
    2. Request Routing (http / cli)
    3. Library Container
    4. Dependency Injection
    5. Global Functions
  5. Packages and Upgrades
  6. Components and Development
    1. Components Available
    2. Code Generation
    3. Remote Access Client
  7. Repositories
  8. apex CLI Commands
  10. Themes
  11. Event Dispatchers
    1. Listeners
  12. Communication (e-mail / SMS)
  13. Error Handling, Logging / Debugging
  14. Unit Tests

Additional Guides

Below links to various additional guides to help explain various aspects of Apex. This section plus dozens of training guides will be developed quickly over the coming weeks and months. To keep notified when new training guides / lessons are available, please subscribe to the Youtube channel, Facebook Page or Twitter.

  1. Selling your Software, and Setting up a Repo
  2. Adding Fields to HTML Form Owned by Another Package

Any questions, comments, feedback or contributions, please let us know on the /r/Apex_Platform reddit. Would love to hear from you!

Donations gratefully accepted. Bitcoin address: 3BzATZd1Gk8ten8L46n1bCqNkCrp32jv7Y or PayPal at payments@apex-platform.org.